A journey of change

Painting through my career has gone through many phases. It is steeped in and draws inspiration from the movements surrounding the advent of the 20th Century.

Colour has been at the forefront of my work. Although taking on many of these guises, both representational and abstract, colour has always been at the heart of my work. It has always been essentially Expressionist and always will be.

The past ten years have been a culmination of years of work with colour and form. Never whimsical and often raw it has been a direct and vibrant response to the world around me. Whether dealing with my immediate response to my surroundings in directly relating observations as  they happened or speaking in more metaphysical terms about the world around us and what makes us who we are, my paintings have always been grounded.

My work continues in this vein, painting directly from the source; no brushes or tools from the time the ground has been worked. The effect is exciting, immediate, colourful, spontaneous, vibrant, and emotional.

Since about 2002, and my calculated shift towards total abstraction the absorbing nature of the way a painting progresses has been a revelation; if frightening. It is never sure where a piece will end up or whether it will be a success or not. By being involved with the process, the environment in which we exist, the world in which we live in, all these influences directed at the canvas in front of me, amazingly a resolution always seems to eventuate.

This is something that would not and could not have happened ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. My understanding, my resolve, my empathy with life is not communicated through words but is articulated through my work. I find explaining works difficult to put into words. It is basic, reflective, spontaneous and directly related to the world around us. Whether talking about local political events, world conflict, religious intent, personal pleasure or insecurities the paintings evolve because of these situations. They find their focus and their title if one is warranted.